Steve Roggenbuck / Joel Todero / Major Pursuit POETRY NIGHT

 08 June
 902 Renaldi Road, Wind Gap, Pa
  - - -
 Joel Todero
This event is going to be a mandatory $5 because being a poet and going on tour costs money! Please make sure that you bring money to help out Steve. He is the best. Steve Roggenbuck, a beautiful online poet, writer, speaker, and person is coming to do some readings and talk on a date on the LIVE MY LIEF tour. This will be at The Slope, in Wind Gap, PA. Joel Todero will also be doing some readings from his book Snack Foods too along with having a few copies for sale. Come watch Joel stumble over his words into a microphone if seeing Steve doesn't entice you enough to come. Major Pursuit, aka Olivia Bellito will be playing some tbh amazing acoustic songs. It is going to be really really cool and I am super excited. You can LISTEN to them here and maybe even SING ALONG.

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