Stepping out of the Shadows

 27 May
 California State University Of Los Angeles
  - - Los Angeles - United States
 Csula Surge
This special event will showcase some of the bravest humyn beings you will ever meet. AB-540/Undocumented students will share with the rest of the CSULA student body what it is like to be a student, son, daughter, partner, and any other role they play in their lives while being undocumented. Revealing such private and intimate information such as this can leave anyone feeling vulnerable, alone, scared, and other negative feelings. That is why we are inviting you to come and share this special moment with us all, as we all come together to embrace, accept, and love one another and the struggles that will continue to make us stronger every day while we continue to fight against this broken immigration system. We will share stories, poems, and spoken word to inspire you, as well as have dances and performances for your viewing pleasure. We will show you why SURGE at CSULA is Undocumented and Unafraid!

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