Stephen Harper: The Musical (Duncan)

 21 May
 Theatre at Quamichan School
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 Stephen Harper: The Musical
James Gordon’s fourth full-length musical play, “Stephen Harper: The Musical,” returns to Vancouver Island, refreshed and ready to deliver a stern—but funny—reprimand. After numerous successful sessions across the country in the past 18 months, SHTM has kept up to date with the repeat offences and growing shame of our nation’s capital. DUNCAN SHOW: 7pm at Quamichan School Theatre Tickets at Gallowglass Books or online at This new play, by Canada's own "Pro Rogue," examines current Canadian political climate through songs, rants, visuals, puppets… and a little bit of attitude. A sharp-witted, scathingly satirical, and not-too-untrue one-man show, (well, two if you count the somewhat disturbing Harper Dummy!) featuring 20 original songs, spoken word, hundreds of projected images, audience participation, and an activist’s passion to show where we are and where we can go as a nation.

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