13 June
 BlueBox Siegen
 Sandstraße 54 - 57072 - Siegen - Germany
 The Bro Code Commitment
The Bro Code Commitment is bringing it back STEEL CITY FEST VOL. II Saturday, 13.06.2015 BlueBox Siegen +++ No Turning Back (NL) Definitely Europe’s leading band when it comes to fast & straight up heavy Hardcore. Legends! For fans of DEATH THREAT & TERROR. +++ OPTIMIST (GER) Germany's Hardest! Born from the ashes of END OF DAYS these guys mix up 90's Death Metal in the vein of OBITUARY & BOLT THROWER with relentless & uncompromising Hardcore. +++ CORNERED (NL) Raw & heavy Hardcore. Active since 2009, this band is one of the most promising in the European Hardcore scene. You.will.mosh if you’re into bands like CRO-MAGS, NO WARNING & BACKTRACK. +++ Demonwomb (AUT) Austrian Upstarters straight from Vienna! Heavy Hardcore with a blackened Thrash-Metal edge! Highly recommended for everyone into LEEWAY, CRO-MAGS & SLAYER. +++ MAD AT THE WORLD (FRA) Filthy Paris Hardcore! Metallic & raw with angry vocals! For friends of ARKANGEL, ALL OUT WAR & MERAUDER! You don’t know them yet? You soon will! +++ Dull Eyes (GER) These kids deserve your attention. Dull Eyes mix up a lot of fuzzy 70’s riffs with a NOLA-fueled Sludge/Stoner vibe and a lot of raw & energetic Hardcore. For fans of ELECTRIC WIZARD, HANG THE BASTARD or CROWBAR. +++ Lowest Creature(SWE) Sweden’s best kept secret! Chugging Hardcore mixed up with 80s & 90s Crossover, Thrash-Metal & Punk attitude! For fans of POWER TRIP & S.O.D. +++ Harm/Shelter (GER) Beatdown Hardwear’s next big thing from Gießen! Straight up & smashing Hardcore with a modern twist! Your new favorite band if you’re into TRAPPED UNDER ICE & EXPIRE. +++ 8 Euro only +++ Indoor & outdoor hangout area +++ Drinks, vegan & non-vegan food +++ 100% D.I.Y. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE:

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