Start Theatre: First Season Auditions

 16 May
 401 Plainfield Rd, Darien, IL
  - - -
 David Gallo
Welcome to stART Theatre! We are very excited to be offering an opportunity for collaboration, creation and community this summer. Our first productions will be: Gruesome Playground Injuries By Rajiv Joseph This play follows Doug and Kayleen's relationship from ages eight to 38 through the variety of injuries that bring them together. From time spent in the school nurse's office as children, through teenage fights and hospital stays of a more serious nature, the two flit in and out of each other's lives, comparing both their physical scars and the damage that goes far deeper. Anatomy of Gray By Jim Leonard Jr. Award-winning author Jim Leonard Jr. describes this play as "A children's story for adults." When June's father dies, she prays for a healer to come to the small town of Gray, so that no one will ever suffer again; the next thing she knows, there's a tornado, and a man in a balloon blows into town claiming to be a doctor. At first, the new doctor cures anything and everything, but soon the town's preacher takes ill with a mysterious plague, and then the plague begins to spread. Set in Indiana during the late 1800s, this play deals with loss, love, and healing in a unique coming of age story. Gruesome Playground Injuries performances will be July 10th and 11th Anatomy of Gray performances will be July 17th and 18th Note: If you cannot make the May 16th auditions (i.e. still away at college) please contact a hosts. We accept audition tapes and skype auditions.

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