Stand up speak out against bullying walk

 23 May
 Rosa Parks Circle
 Monroe & Pearl - 49503 - Grand Rapids - United States
 Shaun Dewolf
I am looking to get as many people together as we can for this event. THIS IS A FREE EVENT........ Stand up and speak out against bullying walk in downtown grand rapids michigan. I lost my nephew Brandon Larsen on October 13th 2014 due to bullying it got to the point he could not take it anymore and committed suicide at the age of 14. Unfortunately kids take their life everyday because of bullying I hear about them everyday and then the subject is dropped until the next one.... I feel this is a subject that should never be forgotten about or put on the back burner. This is a serious issue in this world today we as parents me too stand up and speak out against bullying because I am sure we know someone this has happened to. You don't hear much about it in schools you don't hear about it on the news or the radio but it's a serious problem... My goal is to get as many people as possible to make a sign and take part in a walk downtown Grand Rapids on May 23rd 2015... And show the rest of the world that we must talk about this with our kids our schools social workers and many more and to let kids know it's okay to stand up and speak out tell a friend parent school official police officer there is help out there we should not sit back and let another kid commits suicide....... Please join me in this walk invite all of your friends and family neighbor everyone is welcome hope to see you all there. god bless you all....

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