Stampede At The Skatepark - The Morning After Party

 31 May
 Eaglehawk Skatepark
 20 Simpsons Road - 3556 - Eaglehawk - Australia
 Brehony Live Once
So you have come to battle it out at The Statewide Stampede in Bendigo so why not have a play at the local skatepark the day after? Myself and a few friends are planing in to invade The Eaglehalk Skatepark and try our skates on some of the ramps. It dose not matter if you have never been in a skatepark we are simply wanting to share our fun with anyone as silly as us that's willing to give it a go, we all come varying skill levels and all welcome or even just come and watch but believe me you'll want to bring your skates. If we get enough people rocking up I'll buy a few pizzas for lunch, I may regret saying that ;) but hey I'll share pizza if it means all the more people to play with :) come along make friends learn form some of the amazing talented skaters out there that maybe after seeing this event page will grace us with there presence ;)

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