St. Beaufort w/ The Wildfires live at DasHOTEL

 23 May
 DasHotel Berlin
 Mariannenstrasse 26a - 10999 - Berlin - Germany
 St. Beaufort
Two great bands - one small basement: --- St. Beaufort is an international trio from Canada, Germany and the USA. Musically influenced by folk traditions of European immigrants and North American pioneers, the band has embarked on an adventure of sorts, travelling the old countries, the places where those traditions were bred. They set off to find their own Northwest Passage, going backwards though, not from Europe toward the Indies, but rather from the New World back across the Atlantic. The band carries elements of the North American Frontier to be renewed in the context of their European heritage. Instead of a ship or a wagon, their vehicle is the strum and pluck of a guitar, banjo, and mandolin, three-part vocal harmonies, and the occasional company of a blues harp or an inherited accordion. The legendary journey and subsequent disappearance of the intrepid Captain John Franklin before he reached the Beaufort Sea in the Arctic inspired the trio to embrace this spirit: a quest of discovery, the search for a new passage to an old place in traditional music. The music continues to seek a return to our roots, inspired by a hunger for the wild, but under a new banner of divine adventure. --- The Wildfires, who hail from Tennessee, USA and London, England, first met in Berlin, Germany and have been playing music together since summer 2012. Their music has been described as "Simon & Garfunkel meet Emmylou Harris round at Dolly Parton's house where Paul Weller's trying to break in.” It’s a mix of Folk, Pop and Country, but not as we know it. The Wildfires believe in getting to the heart of the matter, and it’s their perfect, heartfelt harmonies that can really cut and twist the listener, blurring the line between pain and pleasure. There's always something exciting, something thrilling in their songs, something which one can put down to their interwoven dual harmony vocals which carry a deep emotional edge, reminiscent of the duets sung by Johnny Cash and June Carter, Emmylou Harris and Gram Parsons, or Graham Nash and Joni Mitchell back in the 60’s and 70's – Paul Bonin and Elizabeth Carlton have come upon a real treasure in their mutual musicianship which they have turned into something touching and true. With their unique transatlantic blend of voices The Wildfires have succeeded in creating their own Brit-Americana sound, and they've recently released their first album "One", produced by David Young, who has also produced the albums of John Cale, Nico and Element of Crime, amongst many others.

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