SS501 Memories Book Part 3- Gift for Park Jung Min/Romeo

 24 May
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 SS501 European Fan Club
PROJECT IS OPEN TO ALL TRIPLE S AND FAMILY. For any FAMILY who enters please specify, you prefer to be included as FAMILY. Project is a joint collaboration of SS501 Europe and MinnieMal501. Between July-September 2013 SS501Europe we have been running a project called Triple S for SS501 Memories Book Young Saeng Edition. Back then we made a book containing Young Saeng’s journey from debut, through solo career to South American Tour. We included your personal stories regarding SS501, birthday messages, enlistment messages to our Prince and pictures of fans and merchandise. In 2014 we have completed another project from the series called Memories Book for Kim Kyu Jong. This time, together with MinnieMal501 SS501Europe will prepare enlistment gift for Park Jung Min : TripleS for SS501: Memories Book for Park Jung Min DETAILS OF THE PROJECT: What the the book to contain? *Brief journey (including pics) of SS501 from their debut till 2010 *Brief description (including pics) of his solo activities as Park Jung Min and Romeo since 2010 till now *Fan stories regarding SS501 (what impact they have, how did you get to know them?) *Pictures of SS501 from events, concerts, with fans etc *Pictures of Triple S’s (group pictures, pictures from events you held) *Past TripleS projects with pictures *Triple S and Family enlistment messages for Park Jung Min Deadline? As I will have to edit everything, send to printing and then send to Korea we will need all messages/fan stories/pictures by 15th of May 2015. This still can be adjusted. How to participate? *You can send “Your TripleS/Family story”. Include there how you came across them/him, why they/he are/is different etc. It can’t be too long – maximum A5 page. *You can send a photo of your SS501 merchandise, photo’s from events held if it’s a group) or any pictures related to TripleS, SS501, Park Jung Min - can be your favourite, something you wish to be included. *If your group/website did a project please send us descriptions (not to long) and pictures if available *Lastly you can send messages/wishes/letters to our Park Jung Min/Romeo.. Please make sure they are not too long – for letters A4 size, for messages/wishes A5 size .They can be sent as email or written –on/as as picture. *In subject please put: Park Jung Min Project *Once everything will be complied we will post the list of nicknames, names or fanbases who entered to ensure no messages has been missed. All text files have to be in Word format. Pictures should be sent as jpeg or png ideally. Please add your name/group name or nick with country name. All text should be in English. If you wish to enter in different language please contact us on details below. I will let everyone know about any additional information as required. If you have any questions, would like to help or to participate please leave us comment below or contact SS501Europe/Miniemal501 directly. Please note entries for this year will go as follow: EUROPEAN BASED FANS/NORTH AMERICAN FANS : Email: Twitter: @minniemal501 ANY OTHER COUNTRIES: Email: Twitter @TSEurope Please do not use emails to ask questions but leave comments below or use facebook messages if possible. That way we will be able to get back to you faster. [Note: Kim Hyun Joong project is currently as hold due to lack of the details regarding his enlistment as well as any possibility of delivery the gift for him.]

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