SRR TEOR V3 Release Show ft. Some Kind of Nightmare

 30 May
  - - -
 Angelo Cobain
HEY YOU RADTASTIC PEOPLE!! Steal Reserve Records is hosting a show at Gnarnia to kick off the release of our new compilation album The End of Radio vol. 3. We have a ton of cool bands playing and we NEED YOU to come help us celebrate!! We also have your new favorite band Some Kind of Nightmare on tour from California! Please keep in mind that we will be collecting money for them, because they're great and deserve it. BANDS St. Marlboro - The cofounders of Steal Reserve Records playing some lonesome country grunge Old Wolves acoustic blues Pessimist Prime Matt from False Idols has a band that I haven't seen yet, but they're probably great LET THE ANIMALS KILL US - Imagine a band more agressive than DFA79 but more tuneful than Lightning Bolt and you'd have a band that might sound like LTAKU but you should probably stop comparing bands to each other and just enjoy it Fatkid - Post-glorp or proto-glorp? YOU decide! Some Kind of Nightmare - SoCal punx on tour from San Diego There are a few rules to this place 1. Please no drinkin' or drugs 2. Dont be a jerk or party pooper 3. Everyone must respect the venue 4. Have a super fun time 5. Bring a present for Davey Dynamite because it is his birthday Hit up one of the hosts for the address!

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