Sromik Ullash Gazipur- 2015

 22 May
 Tongi Pilot School & Girls College
  - - Gazipur - Bangladesh
 Raiment Apparels Ltd
Raiment Apparels Ltd., a buying house has partnered with The Tretton Ltd (Marketing & PR Firm), have taken the initiative to organize an event for the labor of the garments industry to educate & entertain them on this upcoming International Labor Day. Why ? Taking care of our Bread & Butter: As the owner of a buying house, we feel that our main source of our bread and butter is the labor of the Garments Industry. It is our duty to do more to take care of them and make their life better. Building a Foundation: This event is not going to be a one-time event. By starting this event in Narayanganj, we are building a system, that can be applied anywhere in Bangladesh that is flourished with Garments. i.e. Gazipur, Tongi, Chittagong and more. Educating our Assets: As garments labors are our asset, we have a duty to educate them for a better lifestyle. So, we have a plan to educate them on Personal Finance, Fire Safety, & Sexual Harassment.

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