Spring Workshop: Ruby Red

 16 May
 Four Seasons Dance Studio
 1637 Hennepin Ave South - 55403 - Minneapolis - United States
 Laney Barhaugh
Register now for Collectively Blue's Spring Workshop! http://cb2015spring.dancecamps.org General Schedule Saturday 12-4pm - classes Saturday 9:30pm - House Party https://www.facebook.com/events/386694748198280/ Sunday 12-4pm classes Saturday Say Something in Solo We'll get warmed up in our bodies and move quickly past the basics to building solo fluency. We'll focuses on phrasing your solo moves and transitions. Make a statement with your movement! Traveling the Blues Using a variety of dynamic movement, we'll explore various methods of traveling and going places with your partner. This class will be taught as a switch class so that you can work on both leading and following. We'll work towards a comfortable close embrace that is dynamic and energetic. Linear Turn Technique and Permutations Taking our one-step rhythm and traveling movements, we'll practice linear turn patterns. Partners have the option to trade during this class to continue working on both roles. This class uses Ruby's patented order of operations and permutations. You'll also come away with an understanding of the mechanics and timing of turning. Sunday Dynamic Solo Interactions Whether you're just jamming with friends in the club, or gearing up for a solo blues competition, learn how to work with (or against!) the dancers around you. We'll explore a variety of metrics that Ruby uses to play, interact, and create new ideas on the fly. Dynamic Transitions (stretch and momentum) Building on Saturday's work with structuring your dance to create clear statements, we'll add variables in that will give you a (seeming) endless variety of options to add variation to your basic moves. The Butterfly Effect When a Butterfly flutters its wings, the subtle reverberations in the air can have massive consequences. In this hour seminar, we explore minor changes we can make in our dance to create massive improvement. Through a series of experiments and drills that Ruby (with her partner John Joven) has used to improve her own dancing, we’ll explore what it takes to build fluency as we transition from struggle to flow state. Ruby started Swing dancing in San Francisco in 2001 and discovered Blues soon after. She has had the pleasure of DJing and teaching nationally and throughout Europe. A fierce competitor, she has placed and finaled in numerous Blues competitions both as a lead and as a follow. As an instructor and judge, she values connection, musicality, partnership and risk-taking. With extensive training in body mechanics and as a massage therapist, Ruby easily diagnoses technique flaws and creates innovative practice regimens both in and out of class to help all her students excel. When she's not kicking ass on the dance floor, she's studying the intersection of physics and dance.

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