29 May
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 Lydia Wilson
WELCOME! :) Please make sure to review all details below first before anything else. To see if your company is available, please look over our top post as it'll have all current participating companies. -------VENDOR INFO & POSTING GUIDELINES------ This is a 1 rep per company event. Cost is $10 per company. Please PM email address so I can send an invoice. It is non refundable. Once paid, your spot will be secured. Online events are great for networking, getting fresh eyes on your company & for getting new traffic to your websites and fan pages. Also, with online events you have a much greater chance at gathering up some new contacts, future customers, and you have the help of others to boost your posts. FB Sponsored Ads will be running... around 13,000 people can be reached w/ that.. but depends on the mood of FB. Others that will also see this event are those invited, and those that see my postings... so the potential for a lot of exposure to all companies participating. Your only job is to offer up the very best deals that you can, while my job is to drive the most traffic to this event to get some fresh eyes on all companies. Usually the best deals are thru yourself, not your company, but it depends. Never know when you'll snatch up a repeat customer. Wether it be free shipping, half off shipping, discount, free gift, or even do a giveaway. It is up to you. Please make sure to hit going so you receive notifications & so you can post. Everyone is able to view all the happenings of the event even if they do not hit that going button. So you never know just how many people are lurking around the page. All I ask is that while event is running, that you support your fellow vendors by liking their posts while at the event. In doing so it'll help all posts reach a larger audience. Please also know I am not able to guarantee sales or post interactions as I do not know what others may or may not like. 3 posts a day will be allowed. Deleting & re posting is not allowed. You may bump your post of the current day just once (when you comment or like post to get it back to the top). This event is running so that all have the chance to be seen, all things need to be as fair as possible. If you see any sneaky posters or spam like things during the event, please tag me in the post and send over a PM so I can deal w/ it ASAP. Posting will commence the day of the event.

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