12 June
 Shoal Lake 39
  - - -
 Ron Indian-Mandamin
Lodge Building June 12 and 13 Sweat Lodge Days - June 14 and 15 June 15th Evening - Teaching Lodge begins June 16th - Ceremonies/ Mide Dance until complete June 20th Summer Solstice Feast/Lodge Dance Out. "They saw how pitiful humans have become and gave us a way to communicate, a way to flourish and a way to prosper. We were given this way to heal ourselves; to use what was given to us naturally to combat illness both physically and spiritually. Everything you need is with you, all around you; it is in ever stone, piece of wood and within every leaf and every grain of sand. We were given laws to foster the goodness in humans; to allow us to evolve to become better people for ourselves, our Nations and humanity as a whole."

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 19 November, Saturday
 15 December, Thursday