Spring Branch ISD Open Call Auditions For IN THE HEIGHTS

 25 May
  - - -
 Monroe Moore
Attention all Spring Branch Independent School District students entering the 9th grade and above, we are excited to announce OPEN CALL auditions for the first all district musical IN THE HEIGHTS. The directors are seeking a talented cast of actors, singers, and dancers to bring to life the hit Broadway musical. All students interested in auditioning must attend the dance call audition AND one of the scheduled actor/singer calls. Please come prepared with the following: *** DANCE CALL - Come dressed in comfortable clothing with jazz shoes, character shoes, or tennis shoes. Hair in ponytail. *** ACTOR/SINGER CALL - Come prepared with 16 bars of a song selection from the show that best express your vocal ability, a comedic or dramatic monologue, headshot/resume or recent picture and bio. We encourage you to dress the part you auditioning for. The callback list will be emailed and posted at each high school. All students not called back does not mean they are not automatically considered to be in the cast, Sides will be available at the dance call. Rehearsals will begin Aug 25. A detailed rehearsal schedule will be given out at our read through. Performances are scheduled mid October at Memorial High School. For more information or audition questions please email director/choreographer Monroe Moore at bbymtdirector@aol.com. ROLES AVAILABLE: Please note color blind casting will be in effect for all roles: Usnavi : Owner of De la Vega’s Bodega (corner store), has a thing for Vanessa, hub of the story; rapper/singer, high baritone/tenor (to G4), MUST move well. Benny: works at Rosario’s Car and Limousine, has thing for Nina; tenor (to Ab4), singer/rapper no required dancing; cannot be latino Nina Rosario: daughter of Kevin & Camila Rosario, freshman @ Stanford University, very bright, Sweet, feels that she has let everyone down because she’s dropping out of college; high belter (to F5) MUST move well. Vanessa: Usnavi’s love interest, works at salon, wants to get out of the barrio, worldly and urban; high belter (to E5) MUST be strong dancer. Kevin Rosario: Nina’s dad, co‐owner of Rosario’s Car and Limousine, strong actor, dreaming through Nina; singer, baritone (to E4); no required dancing; Spanish speaking a plus Camila Rosario: Nina’s mom, co‐owner of Rosario’s Car and Limousine, determined to keep the family together, stands up to Kevin, she is the glue of the family, straight talker; Spanish speaking a plus; strong singer‐belter (G3 to B4), MUST move well Abuela Claudia: Raised Usnavi and Sonny, grand‐matriarch of the entire community, wins the lottery; Spanish speaking a plus; belter (F#3 to C5), no required dancing Daniela: Salon owner, brash; Spanish speaking a plus; singer belter (G3 to C5) Carla: hairdresser works at salon, side kick to Daniela, ditzy; Spanish speaking a plus Sonny: Usnavi’s younger cousin, works at the bodega, aggressive, charming; rapper/singer, tenor (to Bb4) Piragua Guy: ice man, tenor with extensive singing (must have sustainable A4), cameo role, age not defined; Spanish speaking a plus, dancing not necessarily required Graffiti Pete: local graffiti artist, ghetto talk, must have “swag”; HIP HOP dancer, rapper/singer; Spanish speaking a plus Ensemble: Residents of Washington Heights - MUST BE SINGERS/DANCERS (Dance in multiple styles – Latin /hip hop) DATES: Tuesday, May 26 3:45pm Actor/Singer Call Northbrook High School 6:00pm Actor/Singer Call Westchester High School Wednesday, May 27 3:45pm Actor/Singer Call Spring Woods High School Thursday, May 28 3:45pm Actor/Singer Call Stratford High School Friday, May 29 3:45pm Actor/Singer Call Memorial High School Monday, June 1 3:45pm Dance Call Spring Woods (all students auditioning must attend dance call) Callback immediately after @ Spring Woods High School - Will move quickly to get students home to study for exams. PLEASE SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS, EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT INVOLVED WITH THEATRE. WOULD BE A GREAT WAY TO GET OTHERS INVOLVED IN A GREAT PRODUCTION and THE LOVE OF THEATRE

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