Spring 2015 Field Herping Outing-Western WI

 16 May
 Dutch Mill park-ride
 4601 E Broadway - 53716 - Madison - United States
 Madison Area Herpetological Society
Saturday, May 16th 2015 (rain date, May 23rd) will tentatively be MAHS' annual spring field herping outing! We will be hitting new and different areas of the state in western Wisconsin up and along the Mississippi river! Possible species to be found may include but are not limited to blue racers, hognose snakes, bullsnakes, milk and fox snakes, timber rattlesnakes, northern water snakes, and many different species of amphibians and turtles. Further details and itineraries (subject to change) will be provided closer to the event to members in good standing only. Plan to meet earlier than previous years at 7am at the Dutch Mill Park and Ride off of Stoughton Road to allow adequate travel time to the locations. Approximate travel time one way will be 2 ½ hours. Hope to see everyone there! *Please note that venomous snakes are likely to occur in at least one area to be visited. Please follow and abide by all safety instructions when given. Itinerary: 7:00 AM-Arrive and meet up at the Stoughton Park and Ride ~9:30 AM-Arrive in area Stop 1- ~9:30-10:00am Possible Species: -Eastern Garter snake -Northern Water snake -Western Fox snake Stop 2: ~10:20 am to ~11:20 am Possible Species: -Timber Rattle snake -Eastern Garter snake -Eastern Milk snake Lunch in Town Stop 3: ~12-~1 pm (in same area) Possible Species (2 trails in same area) -Common Garter snake -Northern Water snake -Western Fox snake -DeKay's/Brown snake -Blue/Yellow bellied Racer -Eastern Hognose snake -Prairie Racerunner -Eastern Milk snake -Bullsnake -American Toad -Northern Leopard frog -Green Frog -Blue spotted Salamanders and Central Newts? -Wood Frogs? -Painted, Common Snapping, Northern Map, and Blanding's Turtles Stop 4-~1-4 PM Possible Species: -Timber Rattlesnake (1) -Blue/Yellow bellied Racer (1) -Eastern Milk snake (1) -Eastern Hognose snake (1) -Common Garter snake (1 & 2) -Northern Water snake (2) -Western Fox snake -Bullsnake (1) -Green frog (2) -Northern Leopard frog (2) -Blue spotted salamanders and Central Newt? (if so, area 2) Arrive back in Madison at around ~6:30-7 pm. Maybe a bit later.

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