Spirit Art

 29 May
 Fengersfors, Sweden
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 Anne Bodil Røsvik
Lynn Cottrell kommer for første gang til Sverige For nærmere informasjon se www.froskog.no Working with creativity, each student will be helped to discover and develop their latent artistic abilities as a pathway to linking with Spirit. Whether you usually work with your sensitivity, your psychic ability, or with mediumship, it is important to understand the differences in order to help others. Each student will be given the opportunity to draw in an altered state of consciousness or light trance state. Strengthening your connections to Spirit in these ways can all help with your mediumistic development and potentially can help to re-sensitize Start Friday: 17.00 Finish Sunday: 17.00 Private sittings Thursday 28.5 and Monday 1.6 Please sign up for workshop and sittings to Anne Bodil by mail: post@regresjonsakademiet.no

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