SPICY SPOT -x- Smash the Bay -x- Mayhem: Day 1

 22 May
 Oldschool Entertainment
 12635 N 56th St - 33617 - Tampa - United States
 Tampa Spicy Spot
The Spicy Spot is kicking off Memorial Weekend with a tournament blow out! With the combined efforts of the organizers for Smash the Bay, Gamers on the Edge, and Sore Thumbs Gaming, there will be a 3-day event for gamers of all sorts! Passports will be sold by Gamers On The Edge on-site each day; no need to pre-pay! [3-day Pass - $20] - Door fee for all three events + PERKS [2-day Pass - $15] - Door fee for StB and Mayhem + PERKS [1-day Pass - $5] - Just a venue fee but PERKS PASSPORT PERKS: -A raffle ticket PER DAY for the prize that wins the poll on the Day 3 Event page -Pizza and a drink for The Spicy Spot on Friday (only for 3-day) -Pizza and a drink for SMASH THE BAY on Saturday (only for 2-day) -Housing for our out-of-town attendees (details being finalized soon) -Transportation to & from each venue if you have none (saving you $40 cab fees, especially if you're taking the Mega Bus from Miami, Ft Lauderdale, and Orlando). Those that are not participating in the tournament may enter the venue free! Spicy Spot on Friday, 5/22 https://www.facebook.com/events/470118976469891/ Smash the Bay on Saturday, 5/23 https://www.facebook.com/events/803157133095093/ AND Mayhem on Sunday, 5/24 https://www.facebook.com/events/810413035716361/ [6:00pm] - Venue Opens [6:50pm] - Smash WiiU Registration Ends [7:00pm] - Smash WiiU Bracket Starts [7:50pm] - Melee/PM Registration Ends [8:00pm] - Melee/PM Bracket Starts Remember to come early so that you can be registered or have a friend check with the TO (Chris Bui). If you let us know ahead of time, we can delay your match for the first round or at least give a bye and put you in the loser's bracket. And if you have a setup, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide it so that we can progress through this huge event as smoothly as possible! Hope to see you there! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tampaspicyspot Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tampa_WaruiBui YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/kltge2w Twitch: http://twitch.tv/nojohnsallowed Challonge: http://tampaspicyspot.challonge.com/ Ruleset: http://tinyurl.com/spicyrules

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