Special Toastmaster Meeting: Enschede history- bring it to life!

 26 May
 Enschede, Netherlands
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 Twente Toastmasters
Enschede history??? Alive in our stories! Did you know that a fire destroyed virtually the entire city of Enschede in 1862 as the aftermath of a visit by king Wilhelm III? That in 1923, there was the longest strike ever in the textile industry, and 22.000 workers in the region didn't get wages for half a year? That it wasn't the war, but the 1970s which ruined most of Enschede's historical buildings? The history of Enschede is well hidden, and we want to bring it to life! Not inside a room, but outside, on the streets of Enschede, right were it happened. And of course, guests from everywhere are welcome to learn more about Enschede's history! Meeting point: Oude Markt, Brandmonument (fire monument). More on the program? http://tinyurl.com/TTM-26-05 Receive updates? Location if it rains? http://tinyurl.com/TTM-mail – Just walk in – free of charge –

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