Spartan Throwdown

 16 May
 Pontiac Lake State Recreation
  - - White Lake - United States
 Zac DeSimpelare
Teams interested in coming: OSU, ISU, Purdue, WMU, Miami of Ohio, OU, Hope, Cinci, NMU, IU, Wisco, CMU, Ballstate, GVSU -Rider Check-In will be 7:00-8:00am on Saturday morning; rider meeting will be directly after at 8:00am. -Competition will start at 9:00 am. -Riders in the competition will be pulled behind a 2014 Mastercraft X-Star. After Competition Festivities: · Friday: American Theme · Saturday: Hawaiian Theme · Saturday night: DJ all night, dinner and a T-shirt are included with entry fee for participating riders. Non-participants can purchase a plate for a small fee. Rider Format: The Spartan Throwdown rider format will be bring what you have. Everyone will ride if they wish to. The divisions are beginner, intermediate, advanced, open, girls, and skate. Teams will not be required to have a certain number of girls, skaters, etc. Each team can bring any combination of riders. Scores will be based off of individual riding then added to the team score. Each division has a multiplier: beginner is x1, intermediate x1.5, skate and girls x2, advanced x2.5, and open x3. Example: if your team has an intermediate rider his/her score will be multiplied by 1.5, then his/her multiplied score will be added to the team score. Small prizes will be awarded to each individual that places 1st, 2nd or 3rd. There will also be an overall winning team. Division Breakdown Beginner – up to 1 invert and 180s, no multiplier Intermediate – up to 4 inverts and 360s, no mobes, multiplier of 1.5 Advance – up to 7 inverts and 540s, mobes are ok, multiplier of 2.5 Open – anything goes, multiplier of 3 Wakeskate – anything goes, multiplier of 2 Women’s – anything goes, multiplier of 2

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