Spartan Sprint & Beast - Brisbane (The Brofessionals}

 16 May
 Ivorys Rocks Convention Centre - Mt Flinders Road, Peak Crossing, QLD, 4306
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 Gold Coast Obstacle Course Racing Team - The Brofessionals
**Use Promo code "BUCKY" for 10% off entry fees** The first local Spartan Race of the year is quickly approaching which means the time has come to decide whether you are up to the challenge of taking on one of the world's best obstacle course races! There are two events to choose from: - 7km and 25+ obstacle Spartan SPRINT - 21km and 35+ obstacle Spartan BEAST Or if you're completely crazy (like me) or attempting to complete your 2015 Trifecta, you could tackle BOTH events in one day (not recommended for first time Spartan racers). If you are a first time Spartan racer, you can Opt for a ROOKIE PASS, which means any obstacle which you cannot complete, you DO NOT have to do burpees. Whereas the rest of us have to do 30 burpees for any obstacle we fail. Although they are called Spartan Races, unless you are in the Elite waves, the only person you are racing against is yourself. A big part of being a Spartan is COMRADERY and supporting fellow Spartans who need encouragement or help completing an obstacle (yes you can help each other, even with burpee penalties). The event itself is a huge FESTIVAL filled with people from all different backgrounds and fitness levels, but all with one common goal: to make it to the finish line. If you think this event is something you would like to try or if you've been thinking about doing a Spartan Race for a while, now is the perfect time! You have the opportunity to try out the 7km or 21km courses without having to travel very far. Any questions or enquiries, please feel free to message me or post on this page - Bucky --------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.s. There are also options to be a SPECTATOR if you want to support a friend who's running, or a VOLUNTEER if you aren't sure whether you want to run but want to see what it's all about. Volunteer hours also can be used as credits to get DISCOUNTS on future races or FREE races if you have enough. Myself and a few others will be volunteering on the day after we race, as well as helping out with set up and pack down on the days surrounding the event.

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