SPARK Presents: SMASH PASS (With Tournament)

 30 May
 443 Jones Road, Beebe, Ar
  - - -
 StreetPass Arkansas
Join us May 30th as we play Super Smash Bros for Wii U bring your 3DS to exchange tags via StreetPass, and have a chance to streetpass a special mii that will be in attendance. This Event will begin at 12:00pm and the Smash 4 Singles Tournament will begin at 2:00pm There will be no entry fee for the Tournament but there will be prizes for 1st 2nd and 3rd place We hope to see you there! Call 501-281-0602 if you need help with directions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tournament Rules (Double Elimination) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ * All matches will be 3 stock matches, with a time limit set to 7 minutes. * All sets will be the best out of 3 matches. * Players reserve the option for doubleblind character picks in the first match. The winner of the previous match chooses the character first. * Items are OFF. *Equipment is OFF, no exceptions. *Custom moves are OFF except for Palutena. *Miis Fighters are allowed if approved and uploaded before the tournament begins. * If there is a tie at the end of the time limit, then the person with more stocks wins. If both players have the same amount of stocks, then the person with the lower percent of damage wins. * Players are expected to bring their own controller. Any non-first party controllers must be inspected by an official before use. Any official controller is allowed except for the Wii U GamePad. You can use a GameCube controller, Wiimote + Nunchuk or Classic Controller, Wii U Pro Controller, or your 3DS. * Mewtwo is legal. STAGE SELECTION: Round 1 - Players may agree to start on a random Omega stage, or choose a random Starter if one does not agree to do so. Rounds 2/3 – winner of previous round strikes one stage (FD/Omega ban counts as one), loser picks from any other Starters or Counterpicks. Starters: Final Destination Battlefield Smashville Town & City Duck Hunt Counterpicks: all Omega forms Lylat Cruise Skyloft

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