South Dunedin Community Art Project

 24 May
 Bathgate Park, South Dunedin
  - - -
 Michela Carrington
We need your help to launch this year's South Dunedin Community Art Project and help make a difference to the local community and the lives of 50 young people. The Malcam Charitable Trust are working alongside the South Dunedin Police and 3 local artists for the second year, to run the South Dunedin Community Art Project for Youth Week 2015. Last year’s project was an ambitious 160 meter long mural on Wilkie road where we worked with 70 young people over 1 week. The success of last year’s project saw three competing groups of “taggers” working collectively on a project, which still stands 1 year later. This year we are working with 50 young people to paint the Donaghy's wall at Bathgate Park, South Dunedin. But we need your support to get the project off the ground. We have launched a PledgeMe campaign to find the extra funding needed for the project. Please could you support us by donating or forwarding this invite onto others who you think would be interested in supporting an initiative such as this. You can check out the PledgeMe campaign here . We would also welcome any paint donations with open arms!!!!! Thanks team!!

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