Sound / Vibrational Healing - The Munay Ki Rites - Chakra Balancing Meditation and Healing Sounds

 29 May
 Lighthouse Centre
 105 Cavehill Road - BT15 5BJ - Belfast - United Kingdom
 Tessa Greer
This month's Sound Meditation at the Lighthouse Centre will carry the theme of working with The Munay Ki Rites. The guided Chakra Balancing meditation is an excerpt from The Munay Ki Rites - Sacred Initiations from Peru and will introduce you to Rite 3 - The Harmony Rite from the set of 10 Rites included in the full Munay Ki Rites Initiations. You will be given an overview of the Munay Ki Rites and their background at the start of the session. The meditation will include: Introduction to the Munay Ki Rites A Chakra Balancing Meditation with an Archetype for each Chakra. Further amplified with the power of Healing Sounds. (The final part of the session with Healing Sounds will give those new to working with sound as a healing modality an opportunity to feel how different instruments and the vibrations they produce positively affect the mind, body and spirit, through the experience of deep relaxation. The Munay Ki Rites, 'the rites of the Shaman's Path' are made up of 10 initiations that were originally give to Angels by ancient teachers. They come as a gift and a blessing to us to free us from the mis-creations of our past. Healing our ancestral and genetic lineage and our karmic ties that do not serve our highest good. The rites are common to all Shamanic Traditions even though they are passed on in different forms and styles in different cultures. These rites help us to raise our own vibrations, contributing to the rise in human consciousness. Here is a further link to The Munay Ki Rites if you wish to read more prior to the event: healing/ Date: Friday 29 May 2015 Times: 7.00-9.00 pm Price per person - £15 To book a place on this event pm Tessa or send an email to

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