Sound #3 +The Escapades + Remoters + The Delvaux

 16 May
  - - -
The Escapades celebrate their signing to Voltage Records by headlining Sound's third event. The Escapdes run rings around genres with their fussion sound. But you can guarantee some good old fashioned Rock and Roll to bop about to. These kids are definitely doing it for the kicks and their enthusiasm will set your night on fire. Remoters will be supporting with their take on Rock, coupled with some great ballads. Like Rock of the early 90's with a 2015 kick up the bum. Now with added Delvaux! They looked eastwards to Europe for influence and then covered a Dolly Parton song. They wanted electronica yet play their guitars. They quietly released their debut CD last month - Blunderkammer. A casket of errors. A box of chance happenings. The door price for this gig will be £3. Doors open at 19:30 with the first act starting around 8ish. The event will be finished in time to get you on the last bus or train home.

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