Soulwurx Decals presents Sacred Geometry at LOTUS in Draper

 19 May
 12896 S Pony Express Rd #200 - Utah - Draper - United States
 Zo A Klimowicz
LOCATION: LOTUS IN DRAPER Price of Class: $10 Attendees that arrive on time receive a free Decal! Only once a month so don't miss it! ABOUT THE CLASS ----------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------- 1. Quick Slides 2. Short Videos 3. Coloring Sacred Geo Shapes 4. How to properly apply a Vinyl Decal 5.Guided meditation by Master Zo Peacemaker 6. Q & A --------------------------- Topics Covered - Why Sacred Geometry is "Sacred". - The Om, Flower of Life, Metatrons Cube and more - The Origin of Sacred Geometry - The difference between symbols and symbolism - The significance of lines, circles, spirals, the Torus, patterns and shapes. - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional shapes - How they are created through vibration and how they effect the environment around them with vibration of their own. The class is brought to by Soulwurx Decals and Master Zo Peacemaker to raise awareness of Sacred Geometry, Sacred Geo Decals, and why to use them, where to use them and why. If you have any questions please message Z or Brinlie StarShine Warden.

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