13 June
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 Your Soul Story
LAST TIME I'm delivering this live! If you want your questions answered and get personalised support, this is THE class to sign up for! Are you ready to open up your own Soul Story to HEAL YOUR PAST, HARMONISE YOUR PRESENT & CO-CREATE YOUR MOST ABUNDANT, JOY-FILLED FUTURE? Join me June 13-14, 2015 for a 2-DAY VIRTUAL CLASS from wherever you are in the world to access the DEEPEST LEVEL OF HEALING I've encountered in 15+ years of energy work and healing studies. Click here to get all the details on how to open up your own records in the SOUL JOURNEYS® AKASHIC RECORD CERTIFICATION Level 1 course. This is for you if: 1. You're ready to make HUGE LEAPS in your AWARENESS by EXPANDING your CONSCIOUSNESS, HEALING persistent/recurring issues in your tissues, ALIGNING to your PURPOSE, and becoming the POWERFUL CO-CREATOR you truly are so you can live with the greatest levels of HAPPINESS & WELL-BEING. 2. You'd like to start your own healing business or add this energy & healing technique to your existing one. This is first in the 3-part Certification to be a Soul Journeys Consultant® and/or Teacher. In this class you'll learn how to easily and powerfully EXPLORE your own RECORDS anytime so that you can remember who you really are, live joyously from that place with CONSCIOUS ACCESS to all of your divine birth rights and wisdom that are already yours at the soul level. I can't wait to share this with you if you're ready to BE ALL YOU CAME HERE TO BE! Alicia WHAT ARE OTHERS SAYING? "It is a celebration, A homecoming of self with self." ~ Deb Costa "Accessing the records is a wonderful tool to attain that which one desires and to assist you with feeling more connected to self/God. Plus it feels amazing and very expansive! Best of all, we all can do this" ~ Katie Kleppe Spiritual Messenger, Earth Angel, Healer, “Whether you do this work for self healing or as a help to others your work and calling is truly an honor. I am honored I finally found myself after struggling with ignoring my call.” Marie Galdii, Founder of “Alicia is an amazing teacher! And the flow and content of the course material was very easy to follow." ~ Peggy Ottman, Writer, "It provides a thorough, efficient and empowering method of accessing your own Akashic Records, in a safe and supportive environment." ~ - Alison Stokes, Astrologer, Mystic Therapist and Animal "I was ready to make profound change and - if you are open to the process, I must say it is one of the easiest processes/shifts I've ever done. I've changed. and will be making significant changes going forward! Letting go of the fear.... what a wonderful freeing way to live, to be-ing!" `~ Annie Glanman-Price,

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