Somewhere Over The Rainbow Project

 30 May
 1010 Sperling Burnaby Bc
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 Michaela Elise Johnson
The post that started this all Hi my ladies so since I've been living in my new spot I've met some wonderful ladies they are all 55 + they are all living in this building next to my place for battered women they are all very sweet women and the program they living in they are all single sober and abstinent and they don't have any family or help from the program they are living in some of the women are battling cancer some have permanent nerve damage all of them are in their own depression and think nobody cares for them including the atira housing witch they live in and all of these women are victims of sexual,physical,mental,emotional abuse and I I've talked to all of them and they all wish for the same thing to be young and feel beautiful again so I want to give them a beauty night so if anyone can cut and style hair nails ...give shoulder rubs or make up and just give them good company make them feel beautiful cause they are but I think we just need to remind them.... I already got the lounge room in their building available for this I just need to get this together I haven't made a time or date I need help cause I definitely don't know how to do nails or hair but I can massage so let me know what you can do to help me maybe even someone who can find beautiful scarfs or something anything helps let me know if you weren't tagged and want to help let me know so ...who wants to help remind this women they have been beautiful and loved this whole time and are thought of deeply =] xoxox So I have come up with a name for this project " somewhere over the rainbow " that's where blue bird sing and lemon drops melt everyone's happy place so let's make it just that If you are helping with food please specifie what the dish your making so I can let the women know thanks :) If your a Nail artist , Hair dresser , Make Up artist or Massage Therapist and are willing to donate your time and skills that would be amazing the more the marrier is extremely appreciated If you can't make it and want to help you can also donate some cash for the supplies I will be buying myself nobody is obligated to do so but it would help So let's make this evening happen for these women I appreciate all the help and support

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