Somerset East Shooting Club

 23 May
 Brakfontein, Martin Swart
  - - -
 Martin Swart
This will be the 1st shoot for the new Club. Please be on time. Before the shoot commences the committee members for the Somerset East Shooting Club will be elected. Please take note and adhere to the following safety rules; All rifles must be in a rifle bag/case with the action OPEN. No ammunition in the rifle! All handguns must be in a holster, bag or case. The magazine must be removed from pistols, chamber empty. Revolvers must have empty cylinders. Rifle Range will be open under the supervision of Martinette Swart. Targets will be placed at 100m, 150m, 200m, 250m and 300m. There will be 3 Practical Pistol stages with a minimum of 60 rounds. Some of the stages will be shot from a holster and more than one magazine will be required. If you do not have a holster other arrangements will be made. Come and enjoy the day with the firearms and accessories that you currently have, accommodations will be made. We hope to see women, children and all enjoying themselves throughout the day. Please remember to include your own refreshments in your planning for the day.

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