Solo Jazz and Charleston with Joshua Mclean!

 16 May
 The Maquis Lofts. 1 Hermann Park Court, Houston, TX 77021
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 Joshua Mclean
Solo dancing provides you with the space and opportunity to learn about your body and how YOU like to move, no partner? No problem! Solo dancing hugely improves your partner dancing by helping you develop your own sense of rhythm and flow, and helps you react to spontaneous changes while partner dancing. Along with funky and challenging steps, this class will cover the common "need to know" vocabulary of every solo jazz dancer, and offer you plenty of practice time and feedback to help you bring your dancing to the next level. The exact address and parking info will be emailed to you after you have registered/if you contact me here if you're not pre-registering. CLASSES: Saturday, May 16th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm -Solo Jazz: Basic and Advanced -Getting Turnt (Spins and Turns) -Putting it all together (30s Choreo) Sunday, May 17th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm -All things Charleston -"Spirit Moves" -Putting it all together (30s Choreo) SAT+SUN: $60 SAT+SUN STUDENT $45 SAT ONLY $40 SAT ONLY STUDENT $25 SUN ONLY $40 SUN ONLY STUDENT $25 Student prices applicable with valid student ID only. All prices at the door are $10 more without prior registration. Info to register is below below. Make sure to register before Friday, May 15th! LEVELING: This is an all levels workshop, so whether you're just stepping in, or you throw down a mean big apple, this class has something for you. Beginner: You may have gone swing dancing a few times if not more, and you have dabbled in solo dance of some form before, You might only dance by yourself when no one is looking, but you still love it, and your looking for a good place to start learning traditional solo jazz dance. Intermediate: Your confidence as a dancer, solo and partnered, has increased. You might have learned the Shim Sham or other line dances at this point, and have started using your slick moves in partnered dancing. You still feel awkward sometimes, but you're mostly comfortable with what you know and are looking for more. Advanced: You love solo dancing and do it shamelessly, even in public. You have been experimenting on your own both solo and partnered. You are familiar with most line dances like: the Shim Sham, the Tranky doo, Mama's stew, the Big Apple, etc. Everything at this stage is refinement and pushing your capabilities. You look to clips of other dancers classic and current to learn their movements while developing and improving your style. HOW DO I REGISTER? Go to this website and fill out this short form to register: Then you must: 1) Paypal the appropriate amount for the class package you registered for, along with the Day(s) and your Full name in the Description. 2) Bring cash, check or credit card before class starts, you do not have to pay the at the door price as long as you have registered online before Friday, May 15th. WHAT TO BRING: Water bottle Shirt change Snacks/lunch Notepad and Pencil DISCLAIMER: This is an all ages, all levels, all body types workshop. While you will be asked to push yourself, know that you do not have to do anything that you are expressly uncomfortable with during or after the class. If someone else has done/said anything to make you uncomfortable please notify the teacher right away. Lets have a good time learning!

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