SOLD OUT-Hot springs yoga day!

 13 June
 Seattle, Washington 98109
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 Jackies Yoga Seattle
A FULL day of adventure and connection! A ferry will start your journey to the olympics, your body and mind will carry you through a spectacular dense old growth forest. We will land at sacred pools to soak, olympic hot springs! Several pools to choose from and plenty of room to explore. After a thourogh soak we will rinse out in a asana practice with a extended savasana in the elements. Yoga means union. It’s a practice of fostering tools within us to connect to our intuitive nature to live our true nature, true path, connected. Bringing outdoor adventures and yoga together is so symbiotic. For me time in nature fosters intuition as well as a deep respect and connection with my surroundings.Nature and yoga go hand in hand. It gets us out of the box, literally out of the office, yoga studio, etc. and open to what’s right in front of us. Into the present in the most beautiful and fun way! Professional trail guide from Kaf Adventures and Jackies Yoga Seattle Snack provided bring own lunch/water Lets take yoga outside...the box!

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