Solar Seeds in Serbia

 30 May
 near Belgrade
  - - -
An outdoor promo event, presented by the Solar United Natives in cooperation with the Serbian TesseracTstudio. Location: An outdoor location in Serbia near Belgrade – to be announced soon! Performing artists: Middle Mode (TesseracTstudio) SRB Sonic Entity (TesseracTstudio) SRB Vertex DJ set (TesseracTstudio / S.U.N. Festival) SRB Subliminal Codes(TesseracTstudio) SRB Boom Shankar (BMSS / S.U.N. Festival) GER D.j. Cholo a.k.a ShivaTree (BMSS Records) ISR Snag The Sunshepherd (Y-Production) HUN Oleg (BMSS Records / S.U.N. Festival) HUN Fishimself (The Place / S.U.N. Festival) GR Sufi's Life & Merlin (TesseracTstudio / Altar Records) SRB

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