small south current 2015

 16 May
 Murfreesboro, TN, United States
  - 37127-37133 - -
 Johanna Torres
2nd Annual Alt Art Crawl in the Boro! A lil bit bike tour, lil bit o' music and a whole lotta art! Please RIDE your BIKE or CARPOOL! There will be a shuttle running from the Jimmy Johns parking lot between the stops, it is limited, but can assist in the transport. //////////THE STOPS\\\\\ 1ST = Dimension X= 422 Hawkins Ave. 2-3:30pm ***NO PARKING ON HAWKINS, to many cars block the road. Park on E CASTLE or TYNE {“A Story of Inspiration”} Interactive Musical Dance Performance, Audience Suggested Improv Dance and Music. {The audience is asked to participate with cards that will be seen by dancers who will interpret the cards meaning into dance moves; this is in turn seen by Eric, who will interpret the dance moves into music.} Jacki and Eric Weaver accompanied by Kayla Connelly and Johanna Torres Shared Graffiti Wall , some paint will be there but B.Y.O.Paint if you’re serious. Flour Art by the Former Pizza Tosser Eric 2ND =204 S. BILBRO AVE= Acid Womb 3-6pm “Ask Art” an interactive live art sculpture where the audience is invited to Ask Art a “Question”. In return they receive an answer in the form of quick art made by artists inside! Also if you're feeling crafty get INSIDE ART and produce an answer or two yourself! Produced by Kayla Connelly and the Small South Current Collective “The Birth of Katy Perry” acoustic performance and a Show and Tell including a song, poem and book by Carter Routh accompanied by Diana Rose. Also including 2d and 3d works by MTSU student artists,Alumni and locals. 3RD=2639 Middle Tennessee BLVD=MPD 530-7 Living/Room Gallery: featuring current works by local artists,MTSU students and Alumi in painting, print, sculpture and photography. Conceptual Performance piece by Kirk Wells inspired by violence, mysticism, causality and Norse Mythology. 2d and 3d Art works by: Brian Bailey, Kyle Baker, Jesse Bulla, Carlos Paredes, Alisa Stoll,Kayla Connelly, Johanna Torres , Kayla Burnett, Kat Parmalee, Jasmine Gary, Cullen McMackins, Sabrina Owens, Wesley Blizzard, Gage Lozano , Allison Ford, Ambre Rogue And Kenny Sharber Once Upon a time... In the musical city of Murfreesboro there dwelled several brimming artists whose own streams of consciousness merged into one small south current. They told each other stories but wished to share with all, so they created this art crawl. Just for you. They decided to use their surroundings to build physical representations. They’ve morphed their houses into venues and are now inviting you into their homes to exchange these stories. Stories that you can feel. Stories that you create. Stories that become part of you. the bring: Bring yourself, Bring your friends, Bring your participation!

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