Small Ideas Go To Look At (And Skank With) KANO

 30 May
 The Red Deer - Sheffield
 18 Pitt Street - S1 4DD - Sheffield - United Kingdom
 Small Ideas: The Alternative Music Society
In the absence of KANO, we've all been weeping messes, skanking to sub-par tunes and praying to the Grime Gods to give us back his tasty bars. Why, lord? Why did you take him away? But after a few Small Ideas orchestrated ritual sacrifices and a strange week of intense praying peppered with a few cases of uncontrollable freestyling, the Grime Gods shone down on us and ended their brutal shun. KANO IS BACK. And we're very excited about it. So much so that we want to have a good old fashioned social to his much anticipated Sheffield date. Don't worry if you've never heard of him or haven't given Grime a proper go yet, there's a first time for everything and we can promise that a mad evening shall entail. Plus guaranteed elevated badman status. So come on down to The Red Deer and have a grimey pint to loosen ya limbs before we hit the dancefloor rinsin. Here's the event page (don't worry about it being at Plug, shhh) xxx

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