Slow Food Edmonton Retro Food Potluck Party

 13 June
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 Slow Food Edmonton
Sometimes you have to look back at what was done before to be able to understand what we do now. Canned and processed food does not seem to go hand in hand with your regular Slow Food Edmonton event. But we would like to shake things up a bit! Join us for a potluck style meal and dress to match the mid century feel of the evening. Find you best 50's and 60's style clothing, break out the jello molds and olives and don't forget the Brylcreem. The evening will have a cash bar serving some retro cocktails. There will also be non alcoholic retro style punches available. Prizes will be given to and not limited to dishes that meet the following criteria of: - Most Hideous - Most locally sourced dish - Prettiest Dish - Voted best tasting - Best dressed There are 2 ticket prices available for purchase. One of $20 for basic ticket and one for $40 to support the Edmonton Food Bank. We would also ask that you bring a non perishable food item to donate to the Edmonton Food Bank in support of the event and our community. When purchasing your ticket we ask that in the comment section you leave a comment of what you are anticipating bringing as a potluck dish so that we can make sure 40 people don't all bring Deviled Eggs (although that could be a great event in itself, we will save that for another time). Please remember that there are 40 tickets available and that your dish should provide enough for everyone to try a bit of it. Appetizers, main courses and desserts are all welcome. List of possible ideas for dishes below. If you have something else in mind just let us know so we can mark it down! Appetizers: -Corned beef spread -Deviled Eggs ~spoken for -Cocktail Weiners ~spoken for -Shrimp Cocktail -Cheese Puffs -Cheese Ball -Liver Pate -Salmon Mousse -Trout Mousse ~spoken for -Swedish Meatballs -Jellied Tomato Refresher Main Courses: -Baked Ham with Cherries and Pineapple Rings -Tuna and Jello Pie -Ham and Bananas Hollandaise -Frosted Ribbon Loaf -Cup Steak Puddings -Monterey Souffle Salad -Baked Stuffed Salmon -Igloo Meatloaf -Quiche Lorraine -Manwich on Buns -Stuffed Peppers Desserts: -Gelatin Mold desserts ~1 spoken for but there is always room for more! -Lemon Meringue Pie -Floating Islands -Baked Alaska -Bakewell Tart -Trifle ~ spoken for -Pavlova -Bread Pudding -Rice Pudding -Jelly Roll -Pineapple Upside Down Cake ~spoken for We are looking forward to this Edmonton food event and can't wait to try your creations.

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