Slope Stability Design, Erosion Control & Risk Management (1.2 CEUs)

 25 May
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 George I. Clarke Description The successful analysis and design of slope and erosion control requires an in-depth understanding of several subjects and concepts. It is imperative to harmonize slope stability and the use of erosion control techniques for retaining earth masses in attractive, environmentally compatible and cost-effective ways. This requires a thorough understanding of the erosion process, structural and mechanical methods to control erosion, as well as the mechanics of mass stability and surface erosion. This course presents the information needed to provide adequate analyses and treatment procedures of retained earth masses in two parts: Slope Stability Design Erosion Control Concepts and Techniques Each part is assigned one full day to cover theory, practical information on design, hands-on problem solving and a selection of well-documented case studies. Target Audience Highway, railroad construction, and maintenance engineers; consulting engineers; developers; landscape architects; construction contractors; individuals involved in slope protection, projects/stabilization/repair as it may relate to agriculture, watershed and wetlands, airports, harbours, gas pipelines, mining, forestry, lakeshore and stream bank slope protection; regulatory personnel concerned with fisheries, water quality and the environment. A background in civil or geotechnical engineering, geology, soil science, would be helpful but is not a must. Special Features You will receive comprehensive course notes that will be useful for future reference You will receive in class training on two slope stability software: Slope-W Program and SLIDE Required Material Please bring your own: Standard Engineering Calculator (with scientifc functions) Laptop for live software training

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