SLEAFORD MODS // Alter Egos // Senile Delinquents // Kurt Fleas (out on a school night) 19th May, Grand Central, Skegness.

 19 May
 Grand Central, Skegness
  - - -
 Dave Taylor
"...they seem genuinely vital in a way few other bands are." - The Guardian "Escapism’s one thing, but we need artists to sneer at the stars and sing songs about the gutter, and right now no-one does it like Sleaford Mods." - NME Magazine "We’re not punks. We’re not a wall you can paste your idea of working-class on either. We are just fucking fed up with it, mate. The lot." - Jason Williamson. Sleaford Mods started out sometime during 2006 in Nottingham. Born out of part frustration and part accident, Jason Williamson quickly found his feet in an aggressive verbal onslaught on all that is contrived and connected to the day-to-day hammer of low paid employment and domestic situations. After combining with the unique musical stylings of Andrew Fearn - a fiery electronic punk special brew was created. They've gone on to become one of the most talked about musical duo's of 2014 and beyond - and have already torn their way through a string of dates on their small towns tour in 2015 - playing smaller venues alongside packing out huge sell out shows city to city crowds and playing live dates worldwide. Releasing critically acclaimed albums such as Austerity Dogs and Divide and Exit - along with singles such as "Jolly Fucker" - this whirlwind of attitude and energy shows no sign of stopping soon - Get in on the ground floor cos yer about to see something special. Support on the evening will come from: The Alter Ego's // Senile Delinquents // Kurt fleas £10 ADV TICKETS AVAILABLE ONLINE: £10 PHYSICAL TICKETS AVAILABLE FROM Designs for Life Tattoo Studio - Skegness Pier VERY LIMITED AVAILABILITY! //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// NB: The band are also shooting a video for a single in Skegness during the day and at the gig - so it's not only a great chance to see them live, but to become a part of their history!

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