SKY BeatS 3 @ Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk

 05 June
 Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk
 地行浜 - 810-8650 - Fukuoka-shi - Japan
[scroll down for English] ラグジュリーなクラブイベント ”SKY BeatS”の第3弾は Hilton Sea Hawkで開催決定! 本格的でアダルティなサウンドとともに味わうディナーブッフェは極上の味。。 最上階から見渡せるオーシャンビューと International DJ達の魅惑のsetで この日福岡がIBIZAに変わる! ========================== [開催日] 2015年6月5日(金) [開催時刻] 19:00 - 6:00 [開催地] ヒルトン福岡シーホーク 35階 特別ホール [料金] - GA1: 5,000円 (ブッフェ+1ドリンク) - GA2: 2,500円or 20USドル(外国人のみ) ※受付にてパスポート提示 (ブッフェ+1ドリンク) - 宿泊希望の方はお早めに [ドレスコード] フォーマル or セミフォーマル        ※ビジネススーツ不可  :::★他詳細は随時更新★::: More than a hotel, more than a club. Welcome to a new lifestyle in the sky!!!! Is this your daily routine: Eat, Sleep, Work, repeat? Then, this summer you need: Eat, Sleep, Rave, repeat. It's Friday 5th June which means one thing : luxury clubbing party with BeatS at Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk. This tower gives you mind-blowing views of the crazy party, city's lights, sky full of stars and sunrise!!! We hope to meet you in romantic gateway of SKY BeatS xxx We expect to update the detail accordingly as new information and fixes are available. ========================== [Date] Fri. 5th June 2015 [Time] 7pm till 6am [Venue] Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk 35th floor, Special Hall [Fee] - GA1: 5,000 JPY included 1-drink & buffet - GA2: 2,500JPY or 20USD for forigner with passport included 1-drink & buffet [DJ Lineup] - Mike Ruth (USA) - Pe Dro (ESP) - tAKa (JPN) - Mica Atkinson (GBR) - AnnaKA (VNM) - April (THA) - Sam Troy (NZL) - ONI (JPN) - Vizzy (JPN) - Max Cleo (VNM) [MC] - Brian Da Brain (USA) [Dancer] 主催:SPADEIGHT 協力:EiViXXA, 博多の夜ば盛り上げNight, Mist, echo, 8910bar

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