Skating for Authenticity

 16 May
 Fairfax Ice Arena
 3779 Pickett Rd - 22031 - Fairfax - United States
 Brian Vent
Hi Everyone, we're going skating and headed back to my place afterwards. Have dinner before you come 1. Arrive (8pm) 2. Let's Skate (830-10pm) 3. When the Zamboni comes on, we'll meet for a quick coach-up. My plan is to bring in a speaker for 5-10 minutes to bring us aside on the topic of focusing on authenticity in your friendships and with Jesus. 4. After the Skate, at 1020pm, we'll head back to my house for to hang out at the firepit to continue fostering authenticity and talking about what God has done in our lives. *Feel free to bring drinks/snacks for after skating *Feel free to bring friends from literally anywhere. $6.25/entrance - group rate $4.00/skate rental $10.25/total per person if you need skates. --they have lockers --there is some basic food/sodas at the rink If you're not good at skating, or afraid - you can do it! If you're totally not wanting to get on the ice or it's not your thing, there is an area to sit and hang out with all of us, and make fun of us as we fall. Authentic Christianity: Who are you? (Real talk w/focus towards men):

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