SitP: David Ropeik

 25 May
 Hong Kong Restaurant
 1238 Mass Ave - 02138 - Cambridge - United States
 John Santos
Announcing the Boston Skeptics's next Skeptics in The Pub. Writer and former TV news journalist David Ropeik will join us to discuss risk perception and how it affects our decision-making processes. David Ropeik has written two books on the subject. "How Risky Is It, Really?" discusses why our perceptions of risk don't always match the facts. "Risk: A Practical Guide for Deciding What's Really Safe and What's Really Dangerous in the World Around You" is more of a how-to guide for applying the lessons science has learned about risk perception to our daily lives. David Ropeik is a consultant and instructor at Harvard where he has taught risk perception and risk communication at the School of Public Health and in the Environmental Management Program. We will be meeting on the third floor of the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Square, Cambridge. A few blocks down Mass Ave (towards Central Sq and Boston) from the Harvard Sq T station, on the right,

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