Sister Circle: Metamorphosis

 05 June
 Nokomis Community Center
 234 Nippino Trl E - 34275 - Nokomis - United States
 Sandra Diane Winogrocki
We come together as women of this community, planting seeds of peace in the minds and hearts of our younger generations. Sandra Winogrocki (Playground for the Soul) joins with Heather Kirkendall (Peace, Love, & Hoopiness), Sandra Reyes (Naturally Radiant Yoga) and Julie Chase (Dana's Gourmet Market) to create an empowering event for girls ages 7-15. Butterflies remind us that life is a dance, and not to take things quite so seriously. Like butterflies, each of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Getting in touch with our bodies helps us to be thankful for what we have...and to see ourselves with loving eyes. We'll spend time on artistic creations to help remind us to use kind, uplifting words to shape our realities. • Naturally Radiant Yoga is about supporting girls to express their power to be who they uniquely are! Yoga is more than a form of physical fitness. It is an ancient practice that teaches principles of proper breathing and relaxation to help people lead a balanced life. Although its instructions are not gender specific, certain yoga postures may be particularly beneficial to growing girls. During our yoga flow postures we'll help bring out girls natural strengths, self confidence, and self acceptance. • What we put into our bodies is important! We'll be creating easy-to-share recipes with yummy fruits and veggies to keep our bodies happy. Since our theme is Metamorphosis, we'll be creating some food art resembling the butterfly. • We are, all of us, artists! Art comes from feelings. We'll be creating positive crafts to inspire our home environment and remind us to let our feelings flow. • Reserve your child's spot early, as space is limited! $15 per child- Pay at the door. RSVP on fb and at

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