Singles Summer Social: brought to you by Singles Night at Safeway

 12 June
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 Lukus Frank
Hey guys! First of all, I would like to thank everyone again for making Safeway Singles Night an AWESOME night. Since then, a LOT of people have expressed interest in having another event, so I present...... Singles Summer Social! Details: - It will be held in the Osborne area - I am hoping to get Big Games involved again with an even LARGER number of games - I have confirmed JWilliamez as the host of the event - There will be food, alcohol and TONS of great singles prizes (seriously, like the beeeeeeest prizes)! So what does everyone think, are you excited!? I am! I am currently looking into venues to host the event. I have no idea what sort of capacity to expect and do not want anyone to be left out, so if you are interested click JOIN! now!!!

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