Singing Alive Appalachia Summer Gathering

 05 June
 Highland Lake Cove
 215 Rhett Dr - 28731 - Flat Rock - United States
 Alinahh Ever
Our Third Annual Summer Gathering! Three days of singing! Singing Alive Appalachia is a gathering of the SongTribes to share and invigorate songs, to hold space for them to do their healing work, to brew the melodic magic of communal singing. It is about bringing people together who feel called to awaken, and nurture their spiritual life through communion with songs (and prayers, chants, blessings) of celebration of life in this temple universe. Such songs clarify our lives, strengthen our communities, and foster personal and planetary renewal. At Singing Alive we gather to share them, and ourselves, in a safe, welcoming environment. Our goal is to open hearts, and the songs are the keys. These songs are multi-cultural, coming to us from many eras and lands far and near. Together they tell a perennial story, a Gaian dharma, so often forgotten, yet so joyfully remembered, of the Great work of spiritual evolution, of earth-conscious living and peaceful co-existence. By singing this story we come home to Ourselves and perform the Dream of re-Creation we have so longed to live Singing Alive exists to encourage the remembrance of this deep desire to sing from the heart. It provides resources in the form of: 1) songs, 2) the community to sing them, and 3) support for those of us who want to live the teachings, the sadhana, of the songs. We therefore invite all who wish to activate and nurture their spiritual life in this way. We call all who long to gather in devotion to personal and planetary regeneration. We call all who wish to claim the birthright of a singing species! Inspired by Singing Alive Cascadia, many have longed to bring its magic to the people on the east coast. The Asheville, NC area has a long and vibrant history of tribal gatherings, creativity, and earth-love. These mountains are home to many traditions of song and music from old-time to bluegrass, gospel to kirtan, and much more. We are super excited to host this amazing gathering! We will gather on the weekend of June 5-7. The event is for 3 days. Register at

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