19 May
 Bath, United Kingdom
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 Sarah Mcgrigor
Hello lovely people! We are organising a week long music event in Baths best music venues to raise money to help HIV positive women and children survive the destruction caused by the recent earthquake in Nepal. A lot of these people have been left with nothing, having lost their friends, their families, their homes and their schools. Setu Nepal (Midway Nepal) is a small Nepal based charity that will ensure every single penny raised goes towards helping those that have been affected by the earthquake. A lot of these women and children live in rural areas that are not getting the media coverage and the funding that places like Kathmandu are getting and they desperately need our help. Many are in dangerous and vulnerable situations and need protection, but they can't be helped without extra funding. So please come a long and sing a song for Nepal! The events are as follows; TUE 19/05- THE PIG & FIDDLE OPEN MIC/ BAKE SALE (8-11PM) WED 20/05- THE THEIF (the kings arms) OPEN MIC (8-11PM) FRI 22/05- THE BOATER LIVE BAND (9-11PM) SAT&SUN 23&24/05- THE BATH BREW HOUSE- THE MAIN EVENT- ACOUSTIC WEEKEND (3PM-12AM) PLEASE COME TO AS MANY OF THESE EVENTS AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN TO HELP US RAISE MONEY AND SING FOR NEPAL!!!!

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