Silvers Gig Night: Swamp Delta followed by Silvers Club Night w/ DJ Cap and Adrian Bloxham

 15 May
 Coal Vaults, Canal Basin, St Nicholas Street, CV1 4LY Coventry, United Kingdom
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 The Tin Music and Arts
Dust off your DMs! Silvers is BACK! We proudly present The Silvers Goes Grebo Gig Night at the Tin! Swamp Delta (ex-members of Crazyhead/Gaye Bykers) take-over The Tin to play a selection of old classics and new stuff. Local Coventry Legends The Loaded open the evening. The bands will then be followed by our usual Silvers Night with DJ's Cap & Adrian playing all the best indie/alternative tunes from the late 80s/ early 90s. We are looking forward to a brilliant night of old school music and mayhem!

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