Silverback Strongman presents STRONGEST IN TOWN 2015

 06 June
 Merchant City
 Troongate - G1 1 - Glasgow - United Kingdom
 Silverback Strongman
Silverback Strongman is delighted to announce our event STRONGEST IN TOWN 2015 right here in the heart of Glasgow. FREE FOR SPECTATORS! FAMILIES WELCOME! This is a great opportunity to witness first-hand some fantastic athletes showing what they can do! 2015 will have two categories of athletes, NEWCOMER and EXPERIENCED, as such there will be no weight class to compete in so that this competition can be open to as many athletes as possible! EVENTS (newcomer/experienced) 1) AXLE PRESS, NEW' @ 90 Kg EXP' @ 105 Kg Floor to Overhead anyhow, max reps, 60 seconds Sleeves/wraps/belt/straps allowed 2) YOKE & FARMERS CARRY MEDLEY NEW' @ 200 KG & 80 Kg EXP' @ 250 Kg & 95 Kg Fastest time (limit 90 seconds) 15 meter each item 3) BUSS PULL Harness only 30 meters, fastest time , 75s time limit. 4) LOADING RACE NEW' @ 60/70/80/90 EXP' @ 80/90/100/110 Each item 5 meters then run back for next Items onto platform, Fastest time ( limit 90 seconds) 5) CAR DEADLIFT (NEW'/EXP') ( Max reps in 90 seconds Side handle, NO SUITS OR BRIEFS Belt, straps, knee wraps/ sleeves allowed EXP' class will have additional weight in the car NOTE FOR ATHLETES: We are not currently accepting applications or payment at this time HOWEVER please declare your intent to compete and in which class of lifter on this event. When we are ready to receive applications we will let you know :) Stay Strong Silverback Legion!

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