29 May
 La Jolla Blacks Beach
  - 92071 - San Diego - United States
 Cynthia Dubois
Cynthia Dubois 11:32am Cynthia Dubois Today Cynthia Dubois 11:09am Cynthia Dubois Fwd: Fwd: : Fwd: Hello how are you I'm doing my music video in San Diego County blacks beach , its going to be a beach party scene. The rapper e 40 his brother d shot will be shooting and directing the video the models are all going to be wearing the same material different designs according to the models preference there will be food and games you have to bring your own blanket a lot of networking if you're interested in modeling or participating in the video the models must be fit it before May 20th the event is May 29, 9 a.m. sharp, please call me if you have any questions or for more details have a blessed day thank you friends are invited no children please thank you Cynthia Dubois 11:11am Cynthia Dubois U CAN SHOW UP ANYTIME , I JUST NEED MY MODELS EARLY

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