Siding Debs House / Food / Beer

 23 May
 10833 Preston Road, Britton, MI
  - - -
 Mary Slowik
We are asking all family and friends, especially those with experience in siding, or operating tools such as saws (etc), to lend us a helping hand. As most of you know, my mother ( Mary Slowiks mother in law to be) Deb Sandefer has been undergoing treatments for Colorectal Cancer. Her home is in need of repairs, and we are in need of helping hands. The siding is already on the property. We need to remove the current (ancient) siding, and replace it with what we have available on site. Even if you aren't familiar with siding, there are other things that we could use help with. So please, come on out and give us a hand. Lets get her house back into shape! Mary and I will provide food and beer to those who are willing to help us out!!!! If the weather doesn't cooperate, we will reschedule. Thank you all in advance! Sincerely, Shawn Harsh and Family

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