Siddhivinayak temple Rejinthal - The only temple in India of south facing Ganesha.

 31 May
 Bidar 585401
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 Hamara Bidar
The only temple in India of south facing Ganesha and is over 207 years old which is "SWAYAMBHU" (self emerged out of ground without help from any one). Its said and believed that the size of this idol of the Lord Ganesha keeps on increasing every year in its height to bless more people. THE TEMPLE WHICH CHERISH YOUR DEVOTIONAL THOUGHTS AND FOUNDED BY H.H. SRI ADISHANKARACHARYA IN EARLY 18TH CENTURY. THE GANESHA HERE BLESSES YOU AS SRI SIDDI VINAYAKA MEANS THE DEVOTEES WHO WORSHIP THIS GANESHA WILL GET SIDDI (SUCCESS) FOR SURE AND IT SAID THAT THE IDOL INCREASING EVERY YEAR BY INCH HEIGHT. THE SANKASHTA HARA CHATHURTHI GANESHA ARE THE FAMOUS FESTIVAL WHICH WILL SURE TAKES YOU DEEP OF DEVOTIONAL THOUGHTS... Like us here :-

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