29 May
 42 jane st guelph
  - - -
 Nodoubt Fersure
just because i slept on making an event and show poster doesn't mean you can sleep on this show. This is my first attempt at bringing in some serious next level shit to guelphs music scene. first up, a shameless bump. baby labour str8 chillin, second show with tron, trying to blaze a big one in a small room. come dig it! second up is Torontos Shipley Hollow. buncha mathed up emo riffage, str8 outta the oven and blazing hot right in your mouth. tropacalia. beach front property. ending the evening, Sly Why. Jake and I saw these dudes at cinecycle in december and our jaws have legit been on the ground since. you want laggy ass drums? (i know you do, dont fucking lie. linked below) you want those dope beats? you want that indescribable feeling that you only get when you see some real shit happening right before your eyes? come get it then. v excited to have these buds come up. plz come out and support. i want to continue doing gnar shows on a regular and i think the strength of this one will set the tone for the next one! dont crush the house. rige is one hell of a man for doing this.

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